Introduction The China Communication is a state-owned shares company, founded in 2003, is a national network operator and new telecommunications business internet service provider (ISP), with offices in the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government. The China Communication established the first grade Internet Data Center in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an, and is a member of the CNNIC IP address assignment union.It has the communication network covering the whole country (CCCNET), and interconnect swith other public communications network, sharing resources, providing users with code number rental business, call center operations, network rental business, information services business. It owns the Shenzhou communication comprehensive billing system (national level) and Shentong Card. It provides customers of Shentong telecommunications business, Shenzhoutong and ShentongYijia with accurate, convenient, the secure billing and management services, at the same time, provides cooperation services for the third party.

The China Communication, adhering to the "Integrity First, Service First" philosophy, established its talent team at all levels.According to the enterprise feature, the "24333" project and "221" business strategy were established, and shaped its corporate culture. After unremitting pursuit and efforts, in 2013, the China Communication was assessed as the "Institutional Credit Unit" by the Credit Information Center of the People's Bank of China. Looking back at the journey taken by the China Communication, throughout the history of its development, every step is solid and practical. Every achievement embodies all the hard work and sweat of the employees of the China Communication and reflects the vision of its people.

Two brands in the "24333" project, four tasks, three businesses, three systems, and three regulations are the development direction and goal of the China Communication. Brand building is the top priority of all the work of China Communication. The brand is the soul, the brand is the direction, and the brand is the effect.The grasping of the brand building must focus on the implementation, which is the market. The basic point of brand building is to carry out an effective operating work, management work, service work, and security work.The basic point is the outline, and operating tactics is the exposition. In this way, the proper ways of doing business can be reflected. The leadership of the China Communication pays close attention on basic point, and realizes the lucid exposition of essential points.

The second level management in the business strategy of the "221", two assessments, first level business are operation and management methods of the China Communication. The business strategy of "24333" project and "221" is the core of the enterprise culture of the China Communication. Culture embodies strength, and is a manifestation of civilization. The enterprise culture decides the humanities, and even more, decides the spirit and value of the enterprise. The humanities, the spirit, the value are the concentrated expression of the whole employees of China Communication, concerning the survival of the enterprise.

Since its birth in 2003, the leading bodies at all levels have been paying close attention to the enterprise culture, and talent team building. For this purpose, the China Communication established a training center, which has laid a solid foundation for the training of all kinds of talents. Talent is the key element to determine the survival of the enterprise. The leadership of China Communication emphasizes on the building of enterprise culture to promote enterprise development, and enterprise progress as the fundamental point, training all kinds of talent around the "24333" project to develop management and operation work, service work, and security work. Grasping the characteristics of the age of Internet, combined with the features of telecommunications services industry, broadening the international perspective, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Telecommunications Regulations of the People's Republic of China, the China Communication objectively establishes its communications business model, operation model, profit model, to ensure that the products and business services provided can meet the needs of the users. Meanwhile, it cultivates the market solidly , builds up the market, operates the market, serves the market, dominates the market, and wins the market, achieves the goal of satisfying and winning users.

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